The Alarming Truth About Osteoporosis

This is a really informative article about osteoporosis and well worth a read.
This is something that affects so many women as they age. There are some simple things you can do to prevent losing bone density and therefore prevent osteoporosis. Pilates is particularly beneficial as it includes weight bearing exercises which help prevent this.

Have you ever thought about getting a bone scan done? It might be worth it to find out how your bones are doing. If you’d like any further information on bone density scanning or would like to book one then I would recommend contacting Reigate Chiropractors.

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I tried pilates to cure my bad back – here’s what happened next

My classes are still predominantly comprised of women. However, I do teach more men privately, including sportsman at the top of their game who recognise the incredible benefits Pilates can bring to their sport. Men taking up Pilates seems to be an increasing trend.
The London Pilates studios are becoming more and more male populated. This is great. It’s not just women that should get the benefit of Pilates.

This is a funny, but thought provoking article in the Telegraph written by a man on his experience with Pilates.

We should encourage the all men in our lives to do the same, preferably as a proactive measure rather than waiting til something goes terribly wrong as happened to the author of this article!

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