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Until 2002 I had a very successful career as a nurse specialising in Renal nursing. However, as a result of years of lifting heavy patients and equipment around, I suffered with chronic lower back pain which occasional left me completely immobile.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of Pilates by a very good friend who had suffered a similar fate. Wow! I loved it! Not only did it change my body shape but it well and truly sorted out my back pain.

I loved it so much I decided to train as an instructor with Body Control Pilates® and have never looked back.

As a qualified instructor I continued to develop my teaching by attending development courses run by Body Control Pilates as well as workshops in the Franklin Method under the New Pilates School amongst others.

As well as playing the saxophone in several bands, I am a keep fit fanatic and do a lot of running, biking and tennis and like nothing more than getting really muddy at my Military Fitness Class each week!



"Thanks to Jo and her Pilates sessions, she has enabled both William and I to keep at the top of our sports well into our midlife."

Pippa Funnell MBE, Olympic equestrian


“Jo is a hugely inspiring, confident and talented teacher. Her classes are fun, motivational and very effective. She has the ability to help everyone – whatever their age or level of experience – to feel good about themselves, reach their goals and make a real difference to both their physical and emotional health…..with a smile! I started working with her several years ago after having suffered a slipped disc and she has definitely changed my life for the better. I no longer have back problems, I am stronger, leaner, happier and more flexible. What I love about Jo’s classes is that they are always challenging, but also great fun - and structured in such a way that the time just flies! For years I would start doing something physical to help myself to look and feel better but not stick at it.. it’s been so different with Jo’s Pilates; I now rarely miss a class. Highly recommended!”

Harriet Edgeley


"I have been learning Pilates with Jo for just over a year and not only do I enjoy the classes, I actually look forward to them! I get bored quite easily with some excercise classes, but Jo makes the classes fun and no two weeks are the same. It has also helped me develop much stronger core muscles and this helps so much when I'm riding my strong dressage horse! I'd recommend these classes to anyone who want to feel stronger and fitter as a whole."

Jane Clarke


"Jo is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had! She makes the classes fun and interesting and gives plenty of individual attention to make sure I am doing the exercise correctly to get maximum benefit. Pilates has made me strong, supple, and as well as improving my posture and general wellbeing, it has helped me tremendously with my other sports: horse riding, dance and tennis. Everyday tasks such as lifting and bending are now a piece of cake! And there is none of the sweat and exhaustion that accompanies jogging or going to the gym."

"I could not recommend Jo for Pilates more highly! It should be compulsory!"

Jenny May


"Exercise classes can be rather dull and repetitive but Jo's Pilates classes have pace and vary week to week. Most importantly Jo facilitates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere."

"The class is small enough to get to know everyone and to also benefit from individual attention."

Sally Obrien


"I have been doing Pilates for ten years now, and find it a form of exercise that suits me well. Years ago I did conventional yoga which I found too severe and which actually hurt my back more than helping it. I have suffered from backache for some time and Pilates is good at targeting and strengthening the muscles which are crucial for supporting the spine. I see an osteopath when necessary who endorses my Pilates programme and who says he can tell whether I have been doing my exercises regularly."

"A few Pilates stretches first thing in the morning is part of my daily routine and helps my flexibility. In class we focus on the Body Control Pilates method of mat-work which concentrates on strengthening, flexibility and awareness of the all important core stability muscles. Jo is an encouraging teacher who helps us as individuals in learning to develop and fine tune the exercises for our own specific needs. I would recommend her classes to anyone wanting to increase their exercise regime, their core muscle strengthening and their general flexibility and well being."

Carolyn Bruford


"I have known Jo for about 10years and have done her pilates classes ever since she started.

Pilates with Jo is a pleasure, not only is it great fun, but it helps to keep me supple and toned.

Pilates is a must in every woman’s life! Jo is a fantastic teacher and makes her classes really enjoyable

because of her great teaching style and witty sense of humour."

Plum Eamey


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